Fire Truck vs. Dragon

Coming March 10, 2020!

Can a Fire Truck and a Dragon be friends? Find out in this new companion to the household favorite Shark vs. Train!

It’s the wackiest rivalry ever, when the fire-breathing ruler of the skies and the fearless fire truck go head to head in an epic battle of fire vs water! Who will win?

But wait, is it actually a competition?

Their rivalry takes unexpected turns as these two unlikely friends face off at a campfire, a birthday party, and more with unexpected results. Who will you root for?
With playful illustrations and charming text, Fire Truck vs Dragon gives readers an unexpected twist on a would-be rivalry, turned friendship.



Starred Review!
“Frustrated expectations have seldom been so funny; Barton’s misdirections are beautifully timed, and McCloskey’s digitally enhanced pencil-and-watercolor drawings are bright and exuberant.” – Publishers Weekly

“Barton deftly upsets expectations, both for those familiar with his previous book and newcomers who know what ‘versus’ means … And McCloskey’s daffy cartoons make a perfect complement to Barton’s high-wired hilarity. A friendship story for the young and vicious.” – Kirkus

Shanda McCloskey, Children's Illustrator & Author