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Shanda McCloskey

Hi! My name is Shanda, and I write and illustrate children’s books. I also love visiting schools and talking with kids about robots, drones, and creating stories with words and pictures.


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A REAL newspaper just for kids!

The Pencil Pusher Quarterly is a one-page REAL newspaper geared toward elementary age kids about living a creative life through reading, writing, art, and books!

The newspaper features different topics each quarter from articles about behind the scenes of books/creators to personal perseverance, how-to-draw activities to comic writing prompts, and everything in-between. 

Feel free to sign up a child, a class, or multiple classes! It’s FREE (USA only). 

My hope is that this REAL (hold-it-in-your-hands) newspaper will be used in homes and schools all over the country not only to connect more with my readers, but to foster conversations about how creative problem solving is sometimes messy, rarely a straight line, and should be enjoyed throughout the process. 

“Progress not perfection” is the motto that has served me well as an artist to keep making my art and stories without being paralyzed with fear of failure. I believe we need to talk about this stuff more with kids and that’s my inspiration for The Pencil Pusher Quarterly :)

Upcoming Events:

  • April 2024, One Book Habersham – Habersham County, GA, A week of various events!

Book Related Merch:

All my book related designs are available on multiple items/colors! (This bag is available at TeePublic:)

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Shanda McCloskey, Children's Illustrator & Author