The Pencil Pusher

Sample front and back of an issue of The Pencil Pusher.
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Just a REAL newspaper about creativity for kids!

The Pencil Pusher is a one-page REAL newspaper geared toward elementary age kids about living a creative life through writing, art, and books! The newspaper features different topics and activities each issue: Practical tips from artists and authors, how-to-draws, comic writing prompts, and so much more! 

Parents and educators can sign their kids up!

It’s completely FREE (USA only). 

This REAL (hold-it-in-your-hands) newspaper is being used in homes and schools all over the country to foster conversations about how creative problem solving is sometimes messy, rarely a straight line, and should be enjoyed throughout the process. 

“Progress not perfection” is a motto that has served me well as an artist to keep making art and stories without being paralyzed by fear of failure. I believe we need to continue that conversation with kids and THAT’s my inspiration for The Pencil Pusher :)

A new issue will drop 3 times per year. September and February issues go out to everyone on the list and a special Summer issue goes out to individuals and families at home (with surprise stickers!)

I currently send out 5,500 Pencil Pushers per issue, and I’d love to send to you too!

If you ever need to change your subscription for any reason, feel free to email me at

Shanda McCloskey, Children's Illustrator & Author