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Sunshine State Young Readers Award Jr. Nominee!

A new tech toy brings epic trials and triumphs in this playtime adventure for fans of The Most Magnificent Thing and Iggy Peck, Architect.

Lucas has a new best friend when he bring T-Bone the Drone home from the store. They enjoy playing, flying, and even recharging together–but Lucas has been spending so much time with his new toy that he’s on the sidelines when he tries to join the neighborhood wiffle ball game. When the ball sails over the fence where a scary dog lives, it’s the perfect opportunity for Lucas and T-Bone to do what friends do best: work together! It turns out that they’ll need help from the whole team, though, to save the day…

Finding the solution takes a little ingenuity and a lot of teamwork in this companion story to Doll-E 1.0 celebrating the inventive spirit of modern play.




McCloskey’s (Doll-E 1.0, 2018) watercolor-and-pencil illustrations are wonderful at giving a drone’s-eye view of the neighborhood and the playground, and she also cleverly humanizes this particular little quadcopter, stretching or drooping its front and back propellers to give a whole range of expressions (delight, worried, triumphant) to the eye in its central hub. … The diverse group of playmates come together, using trial and error and teamwork to retrieve their [lost] ball in an exciting, comic, and inspiring resolution. A good cautionary tale about technology and isolation, with a shout-out to innovation.” –Booklist

“Ever since I read Doll-E 1.0, I have been a huge fan of author and illustrator Shanda McCloskey! I couldn’t be more excited for her newest hit, T-Bone the Drone! In this wonderful story, Shanda tells the story about Lucas and his new best friend, T-Bone the Drone. I love how this book shares the sweet story of an unlikely friendship and how to find a solution with a little bit of imagination, teamwork and a whole lot of determination. Just like Doll-E 1.0, Shanda has such a fun way of bringing modern play to life. T-Bone the Drone will be a new STEAM favorite in libraries, classrooms and homes alike . . . especially to those with an imaginative and fun spirit like Lucas.”  – Shannon McClintock Miller, Innovation Director of Instructional Technology and Library Media at Van Meter School in Iowa

“T-Bone the Drone is the perfect example of STEM! Kids using technology to solve a real problem!” – Vera Ahiyya (The Tutu Teacher)



Shanda McCloskey, Children's Illustrator & Author