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My Favorite Robot Books for Kids

Filed under: Book Reviews,Growing Up Reading | January 7, 2022

My kid side loves robots and the possibilities they bring! My author side enjoys exploring what makes a reader “care” for a character that’s human, animal, and machine alike. And my parent side is ever interested in childhood with technology – the bad AND the good.

Childhood today is very different from the childhood I experienced, but that doesn’t mean my experience was better, more correct, or even healthier. It’s just different! Kids today will remember their childhoods just as fondly as I remember mine. I aim to celebrate kids today and not to demonize the reality of their tech-infused world. I believe this list does just that!

Check out my top 5 favorite robot books for kids (and why) at the link below!

Book Reviews are the Bomb

Filed under: Book Reviews,Growing Up Reading,Printable Activities | August 18, 2021

There’s no better FREE way to support your favorite authors than by leaving good reviews of their books on Amazon and/or GoodReads. They can be short and sweet. No need for long drawn out write-ups unless you want to do that.

How to write a book review (for Teens/Adults):

Kid Book Review (printable)

Kids can write a review with this printable activity, then fold it in half and draw the book’s cover on the front. My 7 yo reviewed BLUE, BARRY, AND PANCAKES by Dan and Jason below…

Then (with my help) she went over to to voice record her review to be used on a future episode of the Author Visit Podcast and your kiddos can do the same!

Listen to Beni’s book review

Do you know Dan and Jason?

These guys make the funnest graphic novels for kids. We have thoroughly enjoyed the Blue, Barry, and Pancakes series and they have a brand new series hitting shelves soon called Barb the Last Berzerker!

I hope you enjoyed this letter, and I’d love to know if you found the printables useful. Till next time, all my best!


Review of SNOW SISTERS! written by Kerri Kokias and illustrated by Teagan White

Filed under: Book Reviews | October 10, 2017

This book is a lovely one! It’s written in a neat parallel way with sparse text. My little girls and I enjoyed seeking out the different personality trait clues in the pictures and relating to one sister or the other. The kitchen scenes were especially great! I also liked the author’s choices of words describing various snow activities. This is a sweet little read, especially when snuggling with your little girls! This book hits the shelves in January! Available for pre-order now (which is the best way to support a book)!

Review of The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

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When I first saw this book – I wanted to read it. The art lured me. The subject matter lured me. But when I started reading it, I was disappointed. It wasn’t grabbing me like I expected it to. And I LOVE robots! To be honest, I had to force myself through the first 20 or so chapters. I couldn’t help but think, good try Peter, but you ‘re a picture book guy.

Then finally, like a switch got turned on, I cared about Roz (the robot and main character of this story). And I cared a lot. And I couldn’t put the book down. I had to see what happened to her. My heart would be unsettled until I did. So … I will end this review by saying that The Wild Robot by Peter Brown goes down as one of my favorite books of all time. Thanks Peter for taking my heart and head on an unforgettable journey. I am better for it.

Shanda McCloskey, Children's Illustrator & Author