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Elizabeth Dulemba’s “Lula’s Brew” (a beautiful book app) now in print!

Filed under: Favorite Picture Books | September 11, 2012


“Lula’s Brew” is the book (app) that made me fall in love with Elizabeth Dulemba’s art! I happen to LOVE Halloween (more than any other holiday), so this one really hit a home run for me and my family :)

“Lula’s Brew” was one of the very first books apps to hit to the iPhone app market and then the iPad market among other digital platforms. What I really love about this book app is that it stayed true to the experience of reading a real book. There are no bells and whistles, animation or music. It’s a narrated story that is entertaining enough with any of that extra stuff. It’s just lovely, and so fun to read!

And now it’s going to be a printed book! A book I can read to my sweet pea at bedtime :) I just can’t read books to her on my iPad at bedtime. It just doesn’t jive. But now I will definitely be getting a print version- I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Fall and Halloween with my baby girl! (as well as supporting Elizabeth, a woman I admire very much.)

Click here to read more about “Lula’s Brew” and Lula activities from Elizabeth Dulemba’s site!

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