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My very first out-of-town school visit was a 5-school event over 3 days! I can’t believe it has already come and gone. It was a really fun experience with many firsts… First out-of-state school visit, first multi-school event, first time in the Houston area, first time speaking in a gym to a really big group, first time speaking at an evening family event, and even the first time experiencing a student get sick in the middle of my presentation – HA!

These are such fun memories that I’ll remember always. I hope the kids remember it too!

Here’s the gist of the trip in photos:

First stop, Jane Long Elementary :)
Second stop, Williams Elementary!
Kid art up on the wall – a hairy and scary robot!
A comedian robot named Beef-E 1.0 :)
And a dino/dragon-making robot!
Third stop, Adolphus Elementary!
Look at all the kids that ride bikes to school here :)
Then, we had several hours to ourselves. So, Ben drove us to see the ocean at Galveston, TX.
Nice frizz.
We tried to find sharks teeth in the sand with no luck, but we did find some cool sea glass, shells, and crab pincers.
Fourth stop was an evening family event at Dickinson Elementary :)
This was longer trip than usual, and seemed particularly tough on my babies :( But we got through it with lots of FaceTime calls, prayers… and promises of surprises :)

(Thank God for Didi and Amama too!)
The fifth and final school stop was at Huggins Elementary!
But before we left the Houston area, we HAD to visit the awesome Blue Willow Books!
I signed a few copies of Doll-E 1.0 there. They were SO kind, and they even had me “sign the wall” because thats what authors and illustrators that come through there get to do!
I signed under Salina Yoon and above Amy Krouse Rosenthal!
There it is! I officially left my mark in Houston, Texas, and I’m so glad I did.
Cool kids, fantastic librarians, and bodacious booksellers were found here!

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  • This is so wonderful Shanda!!! I enjoyed reading!
    Nice job! ❤️

    Comment by Dianne — February 16, 2019 @ 2:08 am

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