Little Red and the Big Bad Editor

A 2024-2025 Show Me Readers Award Final Nominee in Missouri and the One Book Habersham pick in Georgia!

In this clever and playful fractured fairy tale picture book, the Big Bad Wolf is so distracted by Little Red’s poorly written thank you note to her grandmother that he keeps missing the chance to eat her!

Once upon a time, Little Red received a bold new cape from her Granny. She wrote her a thank you note, packed a basket of goodies, and walked through the meadow to Granny’s house. But swish swash SWOOP, the big bad wolf stops her in her tracks, opens his mouth wide, leans in close and…​

Sees the note.

Mr. Wolf can’t believe how sloppy the letter is—Red can’t give this to Granny! He corrects her grammar but misses out on his dinner while he’s distracted each time he encounters Red on the path. Can she keep outsmarting the Big Bad Editor and make it all the way to Granny’s house?



“In this funny riff on a much-parodied folktale, beginning writers and the read-aloud crowd are exposed to new words and lots of similes as they simultaneously learn the rudiments of proper letter writing. Whenever hungry Mr. Wolf surprises Red on her journey—which takes her through both the woods and the city—he’s distracted by the letter and leans over to further improve it; after he’s done editing, she cleverly shoves into his mouth a delectable baked good from her food bucket, then races away.

The cartoonish but aesthetically appealing art and the layout perfectly complement—and add to—the text’s humor; at one juncture, Red escapes the wolf by stealing his skateboard. By the time Granny is reached, the lessons have moved from finger-spacing to headings … Red has tan, freckled skin and orange hair; Granny’s skin is several shades darker. Mr. Wolf has the proverbial big, pointy teeth, softened by his skinny body and the pencil behind his ear. All will enjoy the wickedly funny denouement: Mr. Wolf’s thank-you letter.

Deliciously satisfying.” – Kirkus


Educator’s Guide (Whole)

The “Critique Sandwich” Graphic Organizer

Handwriting Practice (Print & Cursive)

Coloring Sheets and Comics

How to Draw a Pencil

Write a Thank You Letter (and deliver it)!


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Shanda McCloskey, Children's Illustrator & Author