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IF – “Book”

Filed under: Illustration | October 2, 2012


Me and Sweet Pea decided to do some coloring and drawing today on this rainy-ish day. Harvey Jane worked diligently on perfecting her smiley faces and flowers on one side while I attempted the Illustration Friday prompt РBook Рon the other side.



Poor naked baby doll in the floor :(

A New Challenge…

Filed under: Illustration | September 12, 2012

Art inspired by Illustration Friday’s prompt: IMAGINATION

I’ve wanted to participate in Illustration Friday for a long time, and now that I have a blog I have no excuses! Except for time limitations. I only get 1-2 kid-free days per week to work on big, time-consuming illustrations, paintings and my writing. So, those days are off limits. But I’m challenging myself to this: once a week, gestural, light, fun images, inspired by Illustration Friday, that make me feel like a kid again! No pressures to impress. Just 20 minutes (with my sweet pea painting by my side too) and that’s it to get a concept/gesture created. I’ll be learning to tell little stories one at a time, and I believe this will be SO good for my soul :)

Here is HJ’s painting:


Shanda McCloskey, Children's Illustrator & Author