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It Feels A Lot Like Wrestling…

Filed under: Illustration,Shanda's Journey | August 30, 2013

…to write a story, create the best character in words (and then in art),

…then tweak the story, tweak the character (words and art),

…..then tweak the story, the character, question your purpose in writing… or life for that matter, etc. (repeat until you need therapy).

AND THEN ADD in drawing a character CONSISTENTLY!? I’m telling you- writing/illustrating picture books is so hard. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here are 3 out of 6 views I’m trying to make of Charlie. There’s a 4th in there, but I’m undecided if that one looks similar enough. She started off very young and sweet in my earlier sketches on this blog, but the more I work on my story, hear feedback, and draw, this is who she has become- I hope I’ve made the right choices  :)

Some of you told me that you enjoyed seeing the sketches before they were colored so here you go…


Continuation of Character Studies & Technique Experiments

Filed under: Illustration,Shanda's Journey,Sketchbook | August 21, 2013



This is another view of Charlie from a story I’m working on. I started this sketch in pencil. Scanned it. Painted it digitally with some things I’ve learned (from Will Terry) in combination with my gut feelings on how to move the digital paint around. It’s pretty cool how un-digital it looks! I mean, I think so :) Stayed tuned for more studies of Charlie!


We Shared Chocolate Today…

Filed under: Illustration,Shanda's Journey | April 24, 2013

Ruta and Miss Featherbottom illustration by Shanda McCloskey


I’m continuing to get to know a new friend- we shared dark chocolate today. You can get right down to the nitty gritty when chocolate is involved! I told her about how I was actually timid to meet up with her again today… what if it didn’t go as well as last time? My spirit can be fragile! But I had nothing to worry about. She shared some of the road blocks she has come in contact with lately that get in the way of her goals too. She really put me at ease and encouraged me. She’s so cool.

Ruta Painting by Shanda McCloskey



Shanda McCloskey, Children's Illustrator & Author