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Digital Painting Progress & A New Sketch

Filed under: Illustration,Shanda's Journey,Sketchbook | July 6, 2013

Gabby's Hair by Shanda McCloskey

So far, I am enjoying this process. The ability to take more risks with colors, strokes, and lines (because it is easily reversed if I don’t like the result) is priceless. It’s pretty freeing and liberating. I am so glad I decided to try this new digital territory. I feel like it’s going to be important in my journey to publication.

This morning I had the luxury of a quiet morning alone with a cup of coffee and my current favorite music :) I know I need to draw every day if I possibly can, even if just for a quick few minutes. So, I camped out in my yard and drew my neighbor’s house across the street. A single dad lives there. It is too cute that he hangs a wreath on his front door! 


Burt's House by Shanda McCloskey

We Shared Chocolate Today…

Filed under: Illustration,Shanda's Journey | April 24, 2013

Ruta and Miss Featherbottom illustration by Shanda McCloskey


I’m continuing to get to know a new friend- we shared dark chocolate today. You can get right down to the nitty gritty when chocolate is involved! I told her about how I was actually timid to meet up with her again today… what if it didn’t go as well as last time? My spirit can be fragile! But I had nothing to worry about. She shared some of the road blocks she has come in contact with lately that get in the way of her goals too. She really put me at ease and encouraged me. She’s so cool.

Ruta Painting by Shanda McCloskey



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