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Little Miss Muffet!

Filed under: Growing Up Artsy,Illustration,On My Mind | November 9, 2012

I can’t believe it… I did a painting just for ME! I enjoy doing portraits, and it was high time I painted Sweet Pea :) This painting was inspired by all the bazillions of spiders that this kid draws. I mimicked them as best as I could on this plywood.

And from all the children’s book studying I’ve done lately, I’ve become wondrously fascinated with childhood. It’s an interesting thing… a precious, fleeting thing. The best description I can give it is ‘the world that I believed I lived in before I grew up’. Hmmm… I think I’d like to do a few more of these paintings… with other cool kids and their drawings!

Shanda McCloskey, Children's Illustrator & Author